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For those READY to gain clarity, take action and have fun...

For those CURIOUS to find ways to live their happiest life NOW!

For those who want it all...

To smile more and stress less.

To overcome limiting beliefs and get unstuck.

To finding balance, peace and joy amidst chaos. 

To hit pause and fast forward towards your dream life. 

You are not alone on this journey.


Meet Monica, Your Coach!

A life coach who wants you to smile more, stress less and live a better life.
A life coach who knows that happiness and success come from inside out.
A life coach who will help and encourage you to dream big and act now.

If you are ready to invest in yourself and your growth, work smarter not harder, take consistent action, be held accountable and achieve incredible results (all while having fun and living life on you terms) Then, let's chat!

Exploration Mode

Coaching Session (2 hours)
Experience an in-depth coaching conversation. Explore your deepest fears, biggest dreams and find out what is really stopping you from moving forward faster. Gain clarity and confidence.

Creation Mode

SIX Coaching Sessions
A coaching package for those who are ready to take action and get serious about making progress and growing both on a personal and professional level. Gain proven strategies to overcome your limiting beliefs and create an action plan to get you closer to achieving your goals.

Master Mode

TWELVE Coaching Sessions
Master your life by letting your values guide the way. Learn how to live life in harmony; with less stress and more joy. Reach your goals by controlling your energy levels, putting in consistent action and adopting an empowering mindset. You will have phone and email support, a trusted ear to bounce off ideas while keeping you accountable, and practical and fun tools to use along the way.



Do You really NEED a coach?

No. Not everyone is or WANTS to be a CEO!

No. Not everyone is or WANTS to be a FAMOUS or PROFESSIONAL athlete or artist!

But, if you want to be among the EXCEPTIONAL? 





Do You really need a coach?

With the help of a coach, you can live life on your terms, overcome your fears, go farther faster and achieve the ultimate success: a happy and fulfilled life!

But you know all this!

You have already spent hours in the self-help section of your local bookstore or stumbling through different inspirational and personal growth blogs and websites. This tells me that you are serious about your dreams and your desires.

You truly want to start making and living an EXCEPTIONAL life. I hope you know you are already ahead of many and that you are unique and deserving of only the best. 

I also know that you are here asking a different type of question.

Is Monica your coach?

I invite you to explore the site and find out for yourself.

I hope you do take some time to read my blog, check out the free resources, and even sign up to my FUN newsletter. Let's get to know each other a little better before committing to a professional coaching relationship.

Among my paid packages, I do offer a free "icebreaker" coaching session, so you can find out if I'm your right type of coach, where we can chat about what you're struggling with and what is your big dream.