Congratulations! You made it to the commitment page…

You are ready to take your first step on a brand new adventure!

 How does this work, you wonder?

It’s no secret that for “it” to work, you need to find that special coach that gets you.

If I tell you that it is important for you to truly connect with your coach, it’s almost an understatement. There are no words to describe it, you must feel it in your gut. It is almost like an instinct that directs you towards taking the right action at the right time.

The only goal I have as a coach is to see you grow!

It is important for me to provide the space, the safety, and the support you need to grow. I want to help you overcome that frustration you have with yourself for not moving fast enough or farther enough towards your dreams. You will be amazed at what growth can bring you! (Clues: satisfaction, happiness, peace, etc).

If you are curious to find out if you can make paramount progress and grow with me, then here’s the deal:

  • Every new client fills an application form! (Yes, you are going to do work even before we start working together! How else would I know you really mean business?) I only work with people that inspire and challenge me. The bigger and scarier your dream is, the more interesting and fun it would be to work together and achieve it!


  • I offer a free 30 min. Ice-Breaker Call! Yes, we will break the ice together, officially meet each other and skip the small talk.


  • I give a “full money back guarantee” if after our first session you do not wish to continue coaching for any reason at all. (*This applies only to multiple sessions packages.)


Do you love to work hard, be challenged, hold nothing back and have fun? Then, let’s go! You are in the right place! 

My Style

You will find that my coaching sessions are positively fun and held within an open, comfortable and creative space. I’m a brainstorm maniac that loves to think outside the box and come up with all kinds of unique solutions and homework assignments. Yes, you will have homework and I will push you to take action now. I believe that the best teacher is experiencing things on your own, and I want to help you find your own creativity and motivation that will make you successful and even more amazing!

Investing in yourself is always the best choice. Besides, purchasing a coaching session is better than buying a new pair of shoes and will last you a lot longer! Let’s start walking and working together in pursuit of progress.

Which road will you take to reach your dream destination?



Coaching Packages


~ 12 sessions ~ Masterpiece Mode ~ $940 ($78/per session)

~ 6 sessions ~ Creation Mode ~ $480 ($80/per session)

~ Single Session ~ Exploration Mode ~ $90 (up to 2 hour session)


 Client Application


Get unstuck and focus on your growth!

Let’s create a masterpiece together.