About MG

Hey there, beautiful!

I’m Monica.

First things you need to know about me are my three-fold super powers:

  1. I’m a15977828_10155101710359560_3626320424820458399_n positive thinker!
  2. I’m passionate about people and
  3. I’m a persistent dreamer.

I was born in Romania and still vividly remember the revolution that took down the communist dictatorship in my country (even though I was only about 7 years old at the time). Due to the great determination and hard work of my father, my entire family moved to the United States when I was 14 years old. He was my idol and one of those special American Dreamers, who worked with his heart and created opportunities from pure ingenuity.

Even though I currently live in California, I consider myself a citizen of the world. I have always loved traveling, meeting people, and appreciating all kinds of different cultures. I have lived and studied in 4 different countries (Romania, USA, Spain, and France).

Throughout my life, I have been a sponge of information, as my curiosity and desire to better myself has only increased. I graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelors degree in Social Sciences with an emphasis in International Relations. I was drawn to this major because of two things: travel and people.

Studying abroad in college had a profound impact on my life. I learned to open up my heart, trust myself and immerse myself in the school of life! My different experiences have taught me much more than my 4 years of college. I discovered some of my best mentors to be best-selling authors whom I have never met.

My great love (or obsession) with self-growth and personal development books has increased my knowledge of human psychology and gave me the tools to live my life to the maximum.

I believe in life coaching because I have invested in it myself. I have not only been coached but also received a professional life coaching certification from the Coaching Institute of Orange County.


My personal motto:

You can do it all and have it all by being happy with what you do and what you have.

The key is not just believing that anything is possible, but actively following your dreams and finding the support system that fuels your motivation.


More things about me: 

  1. I’m a super fun mom to my 4-year-old boy.
  2. I completed 5 half-marathons, by running/jogging and pushing my legs to do something they didn’t train for properly.
  3. I lost 60 pounds within 4 months of having my first baby so I can fit into my wedding dress.
  4. I love pistachio ice cream and any 90’s pop song will make me dance instantly.
  5. I’m always up for an adventure: anything from skydiving, zip lining in the rain forest, 4×4 desert dune safaris to swimming with stingrays, and walking on hot coals!



Some of my favorite quotes from my favorite mentors: 

“Everything is Figure-out-able” ~ Marie Forleo (my B-School teacher)

“If you don’t get uncomfortable leaving your comfort zone, then you haven’t left it.”  ~ Tim Brownson (my coach)

“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there is no action, you haven’t decided.” ~ Tony Robbins


Alright, already! I have talked too much about myself and this website is not really about me.


It’s about YOUR Motivation, YOUR Growth, YOUR Creativity!

It’s about You taking action and living your dream life now!

Are you ready to start living your happiest life now? 

My vision is to help people smile more, live life to the maximum and enjoy each adventure they embark on. 


Always with a big smile and an open heart,